Don Pablo Edronkin

Climbing mountains and self-help (V).

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Had Winston Churchill given up, probably Hitler would have conquered Europe.

Had Edison, Graham Bell, Wehrner Von Braun and so many others given up, the world would be a different - and poorer - place now.

The trick is not to give up, and doing something like mountain climbing can help you train your mind. Such activities may or may not lead you directly to your particular goals, but certainly they will turn some new attitudes into your habits.

If you start climbing seriously, you will burn fat and become slimmer, more muscular and healthier. You will also acquire new perspectives: for example, most humans fear heights.

Indeed, falling from a high place may hurt or even kill you, but once you start climbing and learn the some tricks of the trade, you would - as anyone who does this - realise that for that matter, twenty, two hundred and two thousand metres are the same thing.

Of course you will keep your preservation instincts, but once you rationalise fears as such, then you will see that things are actually simpler and easier than we normally think.

Because they are.

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