P. Edronkin

The Power of Habits (I).

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If you want to get a degree you have to be persistent. If you want to go on a diet, you have to be persistent. If you want to become a millionaire, you have to be persistent.

Persistence underlies all worthwhile efforts, and attitude underlies all kinds of persistence. Succeeding or not is a matter of persistence, and persistence is a matter of attitude.

Attitudes are made of daily facts, routines, and ultimately habits. So developing habits compatible with your goals nay be one of the most significant steps that you could take.

If you go on a long and significant diet, for example, realising the fact that you should eat less is a beginning but not enough: even if on one hand you follow your doctor's advice by the numbers, but keep eating biscuits at 2:00 AM, you will fail.

Eating at midnight or not is a matter of habits. If you don't change such habits, you would be unsuccessful.

Realising that you are fat, a grease ball, an obese individual, etc. - plain and simple and without any 'politically correct' language - may be important.

Let me emphasise that politically correct language may be good, sometimes, but you should not use it to deceive yourself. If you are fat you are fat, and that's it.

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