P. Edronkin

The Power of Habits (II).

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It may hurt to receive, hear or think such adjectives but - by the way - the kind of cardiac problems that overweight brings are far more painful. Realism is the first key for your success. However, as I just pointed out, it is never enough.

After being realistic regarding your present condition, you have to be realistic regarding your plans, If you have a goal but your day-to-day routine conspires against that goal, then you are just dreaming awake and your plans are really delusions.

Routines are made of habits. These little and menial things are the key, and you should work hard to change these, and not just to look away at pizzas or cakes.

The good side about habits is that you can start to change them little by little. I am a mountain climber and an explorer, and as such, I know that even Mount Everest can be climbed one step at a time. You don't need to do everything in a second.

If you succeed with a little thing every day or week, the next one will become easier to achieve, you will gain confidence and motivation, for soon enough you will see some results.

Let's say, for example, that you eat six times a day and you need to loose 20 kg. to achieve the weight recommended for your age, gender and overall condition.

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