P. Edronkin

Faster Than Light? (I).

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'If you believe you can, you probably can. If you believe you won't, you most assuredly won't. Belief is the ignition switch that gets you off the launching pad.'

- Denis Waitley.

Just when we started to get comfortably numb with the notion that light is the fastest thing around in the universe, we began to wonder about the idea.

I am not an astronaut or rocket engineer but a systems analyst with a penchant for outer space; I will not pretend to write a scientific paper on Warp speed travel but would like to point out that when we programmers and analysts work on computers and software, assume that despite all our best efforts, things are never as we think they are.

Thus, I wonder: Can it really be the case that nothing is faster than light?

Really? What if we think of our universe as - say - a six-dimensional body and start looking at different 'perspectives' the whole thing.

What if we are blinding ourselves by looking just in one direction? What if light speed is not really the most important factor in the equation? What if we could conceivably think about probability as a fifth dimension and gravity as a sixth?

Wouldn't geometrical translations and rotations over different planes of our hexa-space produce changes in 'perspective' leading to changes in projections over the planes of our traditional three dimensions plus time?

Saying that time lapses differently as you approach light speed could be understood as saying that your point of perspective within such a model has changed; and what if you could move along the remaining axis? Einstein's equation would not be contradicted, but...

If you know something about physics or mathematics, just try it. Think laterally for a moment, and your intuition may start telling you that black holes are really like quantuum ghosts in our 'real and normal' universe, singularities connecting the two physical worlds of macro and micro cosmos.

Speculation indeed, at least at this point, but educated minds should be capable of entertaining ideas unacceptable to them in order to investigate.

At the time of Christopher Columbus, the common sense of the epoch told everyone that the notion of a spherical Earth was nonsensical because they could not understand things like the play of perspective in our two-eyed vision, the existence of gravity, etc. yet, even the Greeks of Alexandria, many centuries before, already deduced that the place where we all live should be somewhat round.

So, if we assume that light 'is the fastest thing around', we may be wrong. It is indeed the fastest thing that we are relatively sure about, but we cannot - and I mean, scientifically - assume, or conclude from that fact, that there is no other thing faster.

You can't logically prove that something does not exist just because you have not seen it yet. You can only prove that you don't know it.

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