P. Edronkin

Faster Than Light? (III).

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An then, gravity could be faster than light. Perhaps someone has already established this, but if gravity is faster then it becomes obvious that light may not be the fastest thing after all.

Now, what about those quantum particles that exist in pairs? I might be saying things stupid for most scientists, but as far as we know, a dipole cannot subsist if 'twins' get separated somehow, and even if the particle pairs are physically apart but one goes kaput, so must the other, ASAP, or the universal equilibrium would be in jeopardy. There are some transformations that must take place, but at what speed do they actually occur?

If it is at the speed of light, then the question of what happens at the Big Bang and the Gnab Gib remains. If the case is that those quantum transformations are truly instantaneous, therefore it would become apparent that something is actually faster than light.

Wouldn't that deserve some attention?

Just jokingly asking... perhaps.

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