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Military-Style Outdoors (II).

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3)- Light colours are preferable for general use. If you don't want to really camouflage yourself, you don't really need dark or camouflaged clothes. In fact, using dark or camouflage apparel could end being counterproductive on a number of situations.

Light colours such as tan or khaki reflect more light than brown, black or most cammo combinations, and also look more 'civilian' and less threatening for many people: imagine yourself walking thorough some trail in places such as Central America or Indochina, and those folks who experienced war looking at you, wearing garments similar to those that they saw in the past.

Well, you get the idea...

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Pablo Edronkin and Gustavo Sakuda panning for gold nuggets in Patagonia.
Camouflage is good only if you want to hide, like when you are panning after
finding gold; otherwise, you should be visible in the wilderness, just in case.

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