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Your Outdoor Photography Gear (I).

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A couple of days ago, a visitor to Andinia.com wrote me an email message concerning digital photography. As the questions he conveyed were interesting for our audience in general and I have just returned from an expedition where we made intensive use of digital equipment, I have decided to transform them as well as my answers into a brief article in order to inform you about our experiences in this regard:

'Hi. I am looking into getting into outdoor photography, of deer and elk in the mountains. Can u fix me up with the equipment I would need. I am interested in digital imaging. I would need everything, and need your recommendations and to purchase the equipment. Thank you.'


Dear Mike:

Thanks for your message. First of all you should divide your gear into two different groups;

1)- Your outdoor and trekking gear.

2)- Your specific photography equipment.

A stream in a Lenga Valdivian forest, Patagonia, Argentina.
An example of a picture taken with a simple and
small, digital camera; this is a water
stream in a Patagonian Patagonia forest.

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