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Your Outdoor Photography Gear (II).

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This is an index of articles related to adventure gear, how to purchase and use it, etc.

At http://www.andinia.com/articulos_fotografia_photographyen.shtml

you will find even more outdoor-related tips and advice. There are several hundred pages containing information about such gear.

The only thing that I should add to this now is that you will almost surely need some sort of rainproof gear to protect yourself from water, snow, cold weather, etc.

There are special fabrics such as Gore Tex® or Ultrex® that are really good for that. Two months ago I spent three weeks under blizzard conditions in a Patagonian glacier, using a full Gore Tex® clad and I came out with no scratch but on my humour about windy conditions.

Since outdoor photography requires spending quite a long time in 'untenable' positions, such garments would be very helpful for you, especially because since they keep moisture away from your skin, in practical terms using an outer layer of such rainproof materials increases your temperature by 30%.

Lake Gutierrez, Patagonia, Argentina.
Another example of a picture taken with a digital camera,
this time while driving on a road near
a Patagonian lake.

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