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In order to diminish this negative effect, put your batteries in your pockets at leas for ten minutes before each use, and if you can get your hands on an adequate solar charger, much better.

2.3)- Camera models and brands depend on your taste as well; try different models yourself at your next retail store even if you plan to buy them elsewhere. You should purchase what makes you feel more comfortable. Don't buy in a rush; even if you find THE model for you, take some time to think it over.

2.4)- Your camera should have enough memory to take at leas 500 pictures. If it doesn't, then consider getting a bigger memory card. This will allow you to inexpensively try to get as many shots as possible.

2.5)- Digital cameras usually have digital zooming capability, but since the ultimate clarity of the image depends on how the interpreting software has been designed, try each model and see what you get; while you can still retouch each image with edition software, it is better to have them closer to what you want from the beginning since they may lose some resolution.

2.6)- Consider that bigger screens, more LEDs and such stuff consume more battery. The lesser of those, the better. Screens and integrated flash units tend to eat a lot of energy, so you should at least be able to turn them off at will, and use them sparingly.

At 6.000 feet over Lake Puelo.
An aerial view taken with a digital camera;
notice the lack of light and contrast. Under such
conditions digital cameras work just fine.

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