The Gea

Argentina in Antarctica (I).

By Marambio Aq.

Translated by Pablo Edronkin

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The Argentine Antarctic Region, or Argentine Antarctic Sector is considered by us as part of our national territory and integrates a vast area comprising the austral polar ice cap where particular environmental conditions that are different to those of South America are prevalent, and which have a remarkable influence in all kinds of human presence and activities there.

Moreover: this region is administer by Argentine authorities by means of a special status and legislation which is valid for all territories located south of the 60 S parallel.

The Antarctic Region, located between the 60 S and 90 S parallels as well as 25W and 74W meridians forms now part of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and South Atlantic Islands, created as a territory by Decree 2129, on February 1957 and now transformed into the latest Argentine province.

Provincial authorities are located in Ushuaia, (N.T: the world's southernmost city), where the Governor designates each year its representative for Antarctica which in turn becomes the highest civil authority in the area.

The presence of Argentineans in the area began - according to historical studies - around the second decade of the nineteenth century when seal hunters began visiting Antarctica.

Argentinean research bases in Antarctica

They accomplished this by using vessels that departed from ports like Buenos Aires, reaching the Shetland Islands in search for those animals.

The fact that is that these hunters kept their routes, camps and hunting areas secret, with the result that this incipient colonisation was ignored for a long time and even attributed to other nationals.

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