The Gea

Argentina in Antarctica (II).

By Marambio Aq.

Translated by Pablo Edronkin

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At the end of the nineteenth century, the participation and support given by local authorities to various foreign expeditions, and particularly those of Nordenskjold, Gerlach and Charcot meant that many places received typically Argentine names, such as Uruguay Island, Argentine Islands, Quintana Rock, and others.


In 1904 Argentina began the permanent, uninterrupted occupation of Antarctica when her flag was raised at the Orkney settlement, in February 22 of that year.

It is worth to notice that for over forty years, Argentina was the sole occupying power with permanent settlers in Antarctica, a fact which constitutes a significant argument for the country's claims for territorial and sovereign rights in the region.

Antarctica, Orkney Islands, 1904.
Members of the expedition that
in 1904 constructed the Orkney Islands'
settlement in Antarctica.

Argentineans have been proudly in the area is about a century old, and many government acts took place in relation to the territorial rights claimed by the country.

Among the various legal dispositions created over a century, some are worth noticing: in 1904 President Julio A. Roca decreed the construction of the Antarctic Meteorological Observatory; in 1951, the Argentine Antarctic Institute is created. By Decree 2191, the limits of the Argentine Antarctic Sector were first established and in 1969, Law 18.513 established also the creation of the National Administrative Office for Antarctica.

In addition to these laws, decrees and events, since the Antarctic Treaty was approved by all signing nations, many recommendations coming from Argentinean authorities were also adopted as international standards.

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