The Gea

Argentina in Antarctica (III).

By Marambio Aq.

Translated by Pablo Edronkin

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The main arguments for territorial and sovereign claims over a sector of Antarctica, are the following:

1)- Geographical and geological continuity.

2)- Historical heritage coming from Spain.

3)- Seal and whale hunting activities since at least the early nineteenth century.

4)- Permanent settlements: the Meteorological and Magnetic Observatory in the Southern Orkey Islands has had permanent crews since 1904.

5)- The installation of many permanent and temporary research bases in the Antarctic Peninsula and nearby islands, in the Filchner ice barrier, as well as a massive network of emergency shelters.

6)- Continuous exploration work, scientific activities as well as cartographical surveys taking place in the area.

Historical house, Base Orcadas, Orkney Islands, 1904.
Historic house at the base and settlement in Orkney.

7)- Installation and management of lighthouses and navigational aids.

8)- Continuous SAR (Search And Rescue) operations and support, such as in the case of Dr. Otto Nordenskjold's expedition and the accident at Fossil Bluff Station.

9)- Continuous presence of naval, army and air force personnel all over the area, including the South Pole.

In 1969, the Argentinean Air Force sent a team (N.T: Patrulla Soberanía) to Seymour Island; these men, using just shovels and no mechanical means constructed the first runway in the continent that allows for the operation of heavy aircraft with conventional landing gear (wheels).

Since the inauguration in October 29, 1969 of Air Force's Base Vicecomodoro Marambio, the continent is reachable during the whole year.

This fact has had a deep geopolitical and historical impact for the region, and opened the door for transpolar commercial flights between South America and Oceania.

10)- Permanent logistical support for all kinds of international research efforts.


In the map on the first page you may see all Argentinean Bases in the continent.

Permament: Orcadas, Jubany, Esperanza, Marambio, San MArtin, Belgrano II.

Seasonal: Camara, Decepcion, Petrel, Primavera, Melchior, Brown, Matienzo.

Antártida, Orcadas 2000.
Orcadas Base during year 2000.

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