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If you want to go from Oslo to Trondheim or vice-versa, you have various options, but one of the simplest is to travel by train.

The trip takes up to eight hours over a very nice landscape, and since there are basically two tracks, if you are visiting Norway for the first time you can go from the capital to Trondheim over one and return over the other.

The Dovre Express covers one of those, and there is a local train that passes over Roros for the second. This train does not have the comfort level of the first one but still, it is good enough.

The only problem I found with this one is that the scant food that you can buy on board is also terribly expensive; a sandwich, for example, meant that over thirty six Crowns (NK) left my pocket (about six to seven US Dollars).

When I saw it more closely, it reminded me of a similar contraption that I got also for a good deal of money, - this time, Chilean Pesos - on a ferry between Punta Arenas and El Porvenir, on the Chilean section of Tierra del Fuego some years before.

That South American variant of the sandwich did not have cheese, but its bread was enough to make you believe that something went into your stomach; the problem then was that being floating over the Magellan Strait and its stormy waters was not an enticing situation to be in, from a gastronomic point of view (if you ever performed some aerobatics on an aeroplane, you know how it feels...)

The Scandinavian variant that I got on that train had cheese, but its bread was modest enough to make you believe that you only got ham and cheese for all that money. True, the train didn't move as much to one side and the other as that ship in Chile, but a similar degree of amazement invaded my mid as I thought how on Earth such a thing could cost so much.

Beverages were also a problem: either you bring them with you or you put a lot of money to purchase a humble can or whatever you like. A couple of days before, I bought a couple of cans in Denmark for one fourth the price asked for in the land of the Vikings.

So, if you travel on such trains in Scandinavia you should not only think about bringing some form of entertainment like MP3 music players, cards to play solitaire or a good book, but also some sort of meal because buying food on board may prove to be a little expensive and you soon would find that you could spend your money anywhere else.

At an airport
Take some food with you while travelling over Scandinavia.

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