FIDAE 2004 - World Experts Re-Join in Conferences of FIDAE 2004

By Fuerza Aérea de Chile

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Since in every opportunity FIDAE it will receive in its facilities a series of relevant conferences for the aerospace world world.

FIDAE 2004 is consolidated definitively as a point of meeting to discuss the challenges and trends of the development of the aeronautics, as a fundamental tool in the way towards the development. In this frame there will realize the Conference APEC - FACH, who will study the collaboration of the institution in this agreement of free trade of the Asia Pacific Ocean.

Since it is a tradition in the last fairs the conference will be realized 'New Structures: the tomorrow already came' Organized by FIDAE and IATA, Federico Santa María of Chile possesses the active participation of the Headquarter of Civil Aeronautics of Chile (DGAC), the collaboration of OACI, CLAC and AITAL and the sponsorship of the University.

This meeting will have for object describe, analyze and debate on the new structures that are emerging in the industry of the air transport as consequence of the economic and financial crisis that has lived. (March 30 - April-1)

FIDAE and the Chilean Agency of the Space will present the Spatial International Conference: 'Space and Water: Towards a sustainable development and a safety it humanizes,' in that the use of the technology will be debated satelital for the ideal employment of the resource it waters down, vitally and scantily.

In this opportunity one will possess(rely on) the support of the Commission for the Use Pacific Ocean of the Ultraterrestrial Space of the UNO (COPOUS) and the Office for Matters of the Ultraterrestrial Space (OOSA).

The fair will receive, besides, the third version of the conference 'New trends in Aeronautical Maintenance.' FIDAE and Lufthansa Lan Chile Technical Training organize this meeting that will treat topics as the efficiency and costs in maintenance, international regulations, training and topics relating to the safety. (April 1 and 2)

In the military area, there will develop the V Reunion of Logistic Commanders of the Air Forces of South America and the Institute of Investigation and Control of the Army, will realize a workshop on the quality, armament, ammunitions, wardrobe, equipment and functions of the Test Bench.

FIDAE 2004, Chile.
FIDAE 2004, Chile.

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