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Dear friends, I contact you this time to request some help for the organisation from which I am now President.

Some of you know and others don´t, but for some time now I have been working ´ad honorem´ at a non - profit institution, currently as its President. This is the Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club ( based at Don Torcuato (N.E. SADD).

This club provides jobs to a mechanic, an administrator and two instructors; the rest of the staff (15 people) work as volunteers without pay in order to provide flight instruction as private pilots to youngsters without sufficient economical means to pursue their careers at traditional schools.

Our Club is now in a dire situation; in January 2004 we had to move our base from one airfield to another with catastrophic results so far because our expenses went up and the number of students decreased significantly.

Among our three aircraft two are out of service (one is undergoing major reparations - suspendend now - and the second one suffered an accident). As of this writing, we are experiencing serious trouble with the engine of our remaining PIPER PA-11; last week, the 65HP LYCOMING that powers this aircraft had to be repaired but it will have to ve overhauled in a short time anyway.

Thus, I request your support to help us within your possibilites: if anyone has an engine of such characteristics, I would like you lend it us to us for a while, until we refurbish another engine that demands a bill of about U$6000.

A friend of the Club has donated a set of spherical, stainless high-pressure valvles that we are trying to sell in order to get our badly needed funds; however, this may not be enough.

If anyone is willing and capable of helping us, I will be more than happy to talk.


Rubén Adolfo Cipuzak.

President Aeroclub Malvinas Argentinas.

N.E: If you are interested in helping or making donations, please contact the Club´s authorities directly or visit their website.

A vintage Piper PA-11.
A Piper PA-11 belonging to the Malvinas Argentinas Flying Club landing.

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