P. Edronkin

The Black List of Nazi Harassment (I)

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Well... My response to the neonazis and unwary companies that they use to pretend to harass me with unsolicited email messages has been largely a success: most of those 'subscriptions' made with all sorts of insulting user names that these fools made in order to signal their pretended superiority have vanished after I got in touch with all the companies in question and explained the situation.

Oddly enough new such subscriptions have somewhat diminished, at least for now, so I think even the skinheads got the message because their default I.Q. suffices to comprehend what is I.P. tracking. Maybe, they will try later again, but they already know what they kind of retaliation they will get; now their legal health is in jeopardy. Was it worth it?

I insist: in this world you should educate people with books, or with a big stick in order to educate with books. Neonazis are prime candidates for sticks because their predecessors used to burn books.

To all those companies involved that understood my predicament, let me say a big thank you. You deliver what you promise, despite mistakes in the way. We all do make mistakes, but the question is what do we do about them once we discover them.

This means that there is yet some dignity in the business world, thanks to God! The names of these will be held in privacy, so no harm will be unduly made.

However, not all of them seemed to pay attention, and as I promised, this article contains those that have been blacklisted.

Why all this happened? Because I write things that neonazis and anti-semitic thugs don't like at all basically, educating people about antisemitism and debunking conspiracy theories about jews and alleged plots to conquer the world, despite the fact that I am not a jew.

Please, go on reading this because there is more to it, and if you are a lawyer -especially in the U.S.A. - I think that you will find this interesting; just follow the links below.

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