P. Edronkin

The Black List of Nazi Harassment (II)

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So providing means to neonazis to perpetrate their deeds - like in this case, harrassment - or by negligence or any other cause, let otherwise legitimate mechanisms and resources to be used in a criminal way is a dangerous mistake.

Could happen to anyone; nobody is perfect. But again, the real question is what we do about mistakes. If we do nothing, then even the simplest and most innocent mistake becomes malpractice.

If anyone, for whatever reason, falls into such a trap and has been warned of the situation even more than once, and still lets himself, herself or itself (as a company, I mean), then the least that could be said is that negligence is at hand, being lenient with adjectives.

If you watch a bank robbery that does not mean that you are a criminal, but what could be said of you if you watch the event and don't tell the police about it? What if you can stop a crime and turn your head away?

What if someone uses your car to commit a crime, one of the victims tells you that your car has been used to commit the crime in question, and still you do nothing about the fact?

Indeed, people will start to think that you at least agree with the criminals, because it is a natural, well-behaved social trait to go after and against evil, and suspicious when nothing like that takes place.

Now, what are the stakes here? This is negligence related to neonazi harassment (read more about it here); it means that such people don't care or don't think that it is important to stop the resurgence of this ideology that has killed tens of millions, literally.

The past, and not just during WWII proved us many times that nazi harassment can plausibly end in violence and death, so if I am being harassed by such people, those unwillingly involved are told about the problem and still they do nothing, then they become conscious, informed parts of the scheme, which comes disturbingly close to complicity.

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