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The Black List of Nazi Harassment (III)

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I don't think that companies or individuals that act so irresponsibly deserve any praise; on the contrary: the public deserves to be informed on how they promise to respect your 'privacy', yet prove sufficiently and more than enough that they don't care one iota about what happens with it or what they publicly commited themselves to when they published their respective privacy policies. So, they lie about their policies.

And then there is common sense, simple citizenship education to provide anyone with guides as to how to behave without the need for written statements: if your subscription system has a shortcoming which is being taken advantage of

Please bear in mind that all companies have been contacted, including the ones that you will soon read about, and that I keep proof and evidence of those communications.

I waited until March 8, 2005 to publish this information in order to give time to them in order to fix things, in other words, to delete my email box from their lists and blacklist it (meaning, putting a red flag on it so that no one may pretend to do the same again).

The fault on these companies has been to irresponsibly engage themselves in mailing to lists of alleged subscriptors without any control of the source of those subscriptions and without paying attention to the opinion or desires of those who may not want to be in their lists, or concerns regarding the content of the messages involved.

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