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The Black List of Nazi Harassment (IV)

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The fact is that I have received messages from these companies sporting similar subscription content after I expressed my concerns proves that (I keep evidence of my unsubsription attempts, dates, etc.)

In other words, they are spamming me and did not take seriously what I was describing.

I think that paying a little attention to 'details' and checking what subscriptors (those willingly or unwillingly included in their lists) have to say is a far cheaper way to solve problems than getting into a legal landslide. Lawyers are far costlier than looking around, just in case.

So, in no way, anyone can plausibly say that I have given advanced warnings, and here is the black list of nazi-related subbscription lists and sites:

Date.com - I had even been unsubscribed (I checked this out), but then, newsletters appeared again on March 7, 2005.

iVillage.co.uk - Received a myriad of newsletters and other materials, which were answered, each one of them with an explanation as to why they should unsubscribe and ban my email address, and I do still receive emails from them.

Other remarks - Some comments about unbelievable implications of the so-called 'respect for privacy' that I could find while researching privacy policies in general.

All these companies had been contacted about the time I wrote firstly about this issue.

You can read more about each case if you follow the respective links, but go on, you may retunr later to view the details.

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