Prof. Enio Leite.

Color photohistory (II).

By Prof. Dr. Enio Leite.

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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In 1869 Ducos du Hauron had published a book offering another method - the subtractive one - by which color could be re-created.

Ducos du Hauron - 1869
Ducos du Hauron - 1869

One of his suggestions had been that instead of mixing color lights, one could combine dyed images; film could be coated with three very thin layers of emulsion, each sensitive to the primary colors; once processed as positives, the transparency could then be viewed as a full color photograph. At the time, however, the emulsions were such that none of his proposals could be tested. It was not until the mid 1930s that Kodak was to produce a film based on this principle, to be named Kodachrome; up till then the additive methods suggested by Maxwell had been used.

Direct print - 1869
Direct Print - 1869

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