Prof. Enio Leite.

Color photohistory (IV).

By Prof. Dr. Enio Leite.

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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When in 1906 "panchromatic" films, sensitive to all colors, came into production, some photographers began taking three "separation" negatives, using a viewer, which enabled one to see all three slides superimposed upon one another.

In 1907 Auguste and Louis Lumière produced plates they called Auto Chrome, using a different system from that above. The colors appeared in delicate pastel shades, often looking very dark, but were well received at that time.

ART: Source - Fotomagazin, Germany, Sept. 1989, p14,16 & 17. Photo. France,1978. pg.40/42.

Fotografia ano 1870 - 1871
Fotografia ano 1870 - 1871

By Prof. Dr. Enio Leite
Focus - Escola de Fotografia & Tecnologia Digital. Atendemos todo Brasil.

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