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Ethics: Doing Correct Things or Doing Things Correctly

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Ethics is a complex phenomenon that includes rules, procedures, and experiences. Ethics emerge from our values that indicate to us if something is right or wrong about human behavior. The complexity of ethics is evident when ethics involve what is morally right, but opposite to what is legally right; for example, when a person commits a crime to prevent another crime of more seriousness. This is a controversial case because for many people what is right may not be to others. One may argue that committing a crime to prevent another crime of more seriousness is acceptable while the law does not stipulate that action as legally defensible; one could be charged with a crime.

Ethics is a normative science that is a study of what is normal. Not necessarily the normal of fact of occurrence, but also the normal of law. In other words, what should legally be. Therefore ethics is a science that studies the normal of law. Ethics studies the rule of human behavior. We can then say that we act ethically when the normal occurrence of fact coincides with the normal occurrence of law.

Many people are careful to do correct things rather than to do things correctly. In these cases, we find external factors that force people to have specific behavior, even against their personal values. Truthful leaders do things correctly, not only the things right. For this reason their life are immersed in difficult ethics dilemmas.

We need a unity ethics. Not an institution that talks and proclaims ethics, but a conscious union that involves all people and organizations to work to that end. To do that, people must reinforce their personal values.

By setting example is the best ethic method of teaching to reinforce the personal values. This method forces moral people to have right behavior. For this reason, ethics must be the main example given by leaders. In this way, we could be sure that our organizations will be also ethical.

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