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Authority and Power (II)

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It is a reality that we are living and by which we must fight together to eliminate it. How to do it? Remember that we are more powerful together than a part. Based on that, I invite you to work together, from our homes and workplaces, to do our duties honestly, look for the common good, and be helpful to others. Like this, we could create a strong base with values, principles, and honesty. Moreover, we could eliminate the polluted atmosphere that is growing.

We need to create a conscience, in all kind of works and in all its levels, to act with honesty, responsibility, and professionalism. We must do it in the best way to influence others to work in the same manner. The fact that the environment is contrary, dishonest, and without ethics, we cannot allow by any reason be involved and swayed by the crowd or be warped by the bad practices.

When one is the leader, we have to be impartial and must be embedded to be useful. The honesty and the responsibility, beginning by oneself, and the respect for others are essential elements in all organizations. Remember that today we attend who is outside of the desk, but not always we will be inside. Even being there, we can stand up in front of the desk to solve a problem or situation. So, it is when we want to get a professional trait, on the contrary I am sure that we will demand it, and a good decision that solves our problem. When we are public employees must know that our main mission is to be useful. We cannot be one more problem for somebody who goes to our office to solve other situations. Our mission must be solving all problems and cases concerning our responsibilities. This means that we cannot give an insignificant answer such as "you are in the wrong place" any more. This is neglect and a lack of interest and professionalism must not prevail in our public and private offices.

Being useful is an immense solution in the most of cases because an efficient action makes easy the next time. Finally, the last end will be received successfully.

With regard to power, it is inherent to the authority. However, it can also exist without the authority that legitimates it. Power can be defined as the person's capacity to force or coerce others to do, even against their willpower, what they are ordered to do. To exercise the power, it is not necessary to have a special capacity or ability. Sometimes we have been witness of what is power, such as "You do this or you are arrested," "Do what I say or I am going to punish you," "If you do not do it as I say, I am going to hit you."

Power is one of the stronger motivating factors of the human being. Searching for power is something like an instinctive reaction and whoever has power sometimes finds difficulty agreeing to leave it. Searching power is in all environments and in all the social strata, such as political, civil, religious, militaries, and private organisms. All its members, or most of them, are involucrate in a fight for power.

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