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Authority and Power (III)

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Difficulty, we can find somebody that in normal conditions refutes the promotion to a superior position in a hierarchy scale that has an increasing of power. This is valid from the lower level to the highest, from a syndicate to a church, from an elementary school to a university.

Sometimes power can be uncontrollable; it is a consequence of its natural behavior of spreading itself. For that, the organizations create mechanism of control to avoid the power that leaves its reasonable limits that requires an adequate and effective use. However, many times we have observed how those mechanisms of control do not totally work, which involves a consequence of an abuse of power that hurts the community. We know that power as a weapon can make a lot of good, but can also make a lot of damage.

When I make reference to the damages that power generates to the community, these are not only the physical, but also the morals and psychological. Power is a factor that is present in all environments of work that generates more responsibilities and more prerogatives on people who hold it. That is where we have our problem because a lot of people who assume positions with power change their personalities. They become conceited, and they feel that is the best moment to solve all their problems, which they have been facing from several years, specifically economics. Moreover, several people who are surrounding themselves also try to look more important, more intelligent, of a higher social class of which they belong. In other words, they create for themselves their own pretensions or presumptions. It must be eradicated. There is the importance of the role of the ethical leader, and the best way to do it is working ethically, without favoritisms or protectionisms. Somebody who does not do one's duty must leave immediately from the charge and somebody who commits a crime must be punished without any contemplation. These actions must be immediate; there cannot be a second opportunity. The position, the rank and the friends cannot be an obstacle to begging a legal process against a person who violated the law.

The leaders from today have to create, on ethical bases, the new generations for tomorrow. Thus, we can see that the new leaders must convince of doing the things well or do not do it at all, there is not a medium term. When we talk about "medium term" or "more or less," specifically in leadership, it is a mediocre solution. People do the duties or do not; people assume challenges and risks or do not; but never half-do it.

In this way, we can avoid to continue to generate depravity, wickedness, and addiction to power of people who try to stay for a long time on important positions.

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