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Navigation with Distance, Time, and Pace (VIII)

By Robert Finlay of

Edited by Federico Ferrero

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4. Combining Trail Run and Steep Mountain:

That high terrain on the left is Mt. Wilson. How long will it take to get up to WP7? From the START it looks like trail to probably the letters "ee" in the word "Creek" , that is about 2.5 km squares X 1.5 "fudge" factor for trails = about 3.5 km. If you are trail running 8 min miles uphill that's about 20 min. Now, from WP 1 to the summit it is extremely steep, technical terrain (very serious for the novice climber and semi-serious for anybody). It is about 5000' el. at WP 1 and 7000' at the summit. That is a 2000' elevation gain and at 1000' per hour that section will take 2 hr. Total time will be about 2 hr 20 min up. How much time to get back? Usually the time down is 2/3's of the time up so about 1 hr 30 min down. Or 3 hr 50 min round trip…that's cookin!

Ref. map C8, Mt. Wilson

NOTE: The time down of 2/3's the time up does NOT apply to down-climbing rock but to hike/running. For the recommended descent of the above example; see Training Evolution; C8, Mt. Wilso

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