How To Care For An Airplane (IV)

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Pablo Edronkin

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Take out all dust, snow or ice covering your airplane, clean the wings with a piece of cloth and take out all remains of insects and anything that may be left there because those little things may otherwise affect the flow of air and consequently, the overall lift of the wings, particularly at low speeds.

New bush pilots will soon notice that cockpits and passenger cabins tend to become dirtier than usual: People that vomit because they feel dizzy, blood from hunted animals or wounded people, mud, dirt, leaves and such stuff will accumulate. So taking cleansing and disinfecting products is a must.

Every hole and compartment must be checked.
Every hole and compartment must be checked.

These are some of the things that you should take into account whenever operating a plane in the wilderness; of course, it wouldn't be possible to cover every side of the issue in just one article, so stay in touch because we will publish more about the topic.

And one more thing, for now: Never forget that your expedient repairs are only provisory. Don't assume that because you patched a tear in the fabric of a flap with a plastic bag and some duct tape, that repair will be the same as what a qualified technician will do. It may work to get you out of the slope of an erupting volcano, but please, take your plane to a mechanic as soon as possible afterwards.

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