A Visual Chronicle Of A VFR Landing (IV)

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Pablo Edronkin

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And now we touch down right on the landing stripes. In a plane equipped with a tricycle it is important to hold the steering wheel back in order to alleviate the pressure on the front wheel as much as possible, and then, as the airplane slows down and loses lift, slowly pushing it in order to allow the nose to make contact with the ground slowly. Once we reach taxiway Charlie, right at the other end of the runway we tell the tower "Romeo Juliet Uniform leaving the runway via Charlie, requesting transit to hangar Vossi" (the place where this particular plane, belonging to the company Delta Charlie is usually parked), and the controller responds "Romeo Juliet Uniform, transit to Vossi platform via Charlie authorised, have a good day."

Bullseye's touchdown!
Bullseye's touchdown!

LV-RJU at Delta Charlie's platform after our excursion and perfect landing. We have nicknamed it " The Mini Constellation" and it is equipped for full IFR, with a 90 HP engine and rudder pedals. Most Ercoupes have no pedals at all and are steered much like a car, but this FO-2 has been modified and upgraded.

LV-RJU, an FO-2 Ercoupe, seen from behind.
LV-RJU, an FO-2 Ercoupe, seen from behind.

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