Meet The PA-18 Super Cub (I)

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Pablo Edronkin

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The PA-18 Super Cub is the bus plane par excellence and the model to beat for any manufacturer of STOL aircraft within the same category.

After developing the PA-11, which was something of an interim model for Piper, its engineers rolled out the PA-18, an airplane designed on the same lines and sharing the same genetics coming from the mythical J-3. The PA-18, however, came out as a somewhat bigger, heavier, more powerful and much more capable plane.

A PA-18 used for hard work in agriculture.
"A PA-18 used for hard work in agriculture.

It was nickname the Super Cub for its features and quickly became popular among aviators that go for the wilderness, particularly in the Yukon of Canada and Alaska, in the United States. It is a true exploration tool without which it life in several places would become impossible.

Front view of a PA-18 with a 150 HP engine.
"Front view of a PA-18 with a 150 HP engine.

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