The Pilot (III)

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Pablo Edronkin

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If you would like to become a pilot now, you would have to shop around a bit, trying to find a flight school that suits you best (this is an activity that requires the help of a qualified instructor working in an accredited flight school). This means looking for the optimal investment according to your goals - remember that aviation is an expensive activity - and finding the right school with the right aircraft for you.

And despite the fact that flight training is regulated at the national level and every country has its own rules, it is right to say that most are based on ICAO recommendations and regulations so it is fair to say that there is some degree of international commonality in most flight instruction courses meaning that for the most part, procedures are the same or very similar across the globe.

After you decide which school suits you best, the people there will send you to some medical institute run or authorised by the government organisation that oversees aviation in your country (the FAA in the United States, for example). There you will have to pass a number of medical, physical and psychological tests that are not the terrible hurdle that most people think.

What doctors will try to find out is that in your - and everybody else's case - there are no health issued that could become potentially hazardous in the air, both for you and for other people as well. If for some reason you are not approved for flight status, you will generally be given a reason and you will have a chance to correct the problem; nothing is written in stone, unless you are dead, that is.

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