The LV-MLF Flight Simulator

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Pablo Edronkin

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LV-MLF is a full-scale flight simulator built to reproduce as faithfully and inexpensively as possible the workings of conventional and turboprop multi-engine aircraft of medium size.

It is based around commercial software available almost anywhere but integrated and modified in different ways to improve performance and credibility. This, combined with the fact that the cockpit of a crashed Cessna 310 and an external projector for the front view (with provision for two more) provides a very realistic environment in which - say - a STOL landing in a place like Lukla, in Nepal or Paro, in Bhutan, makes any pilot sweat more than a little.

The whole project took us - Willy Cooke and me, Pablo Edronkin - over three years to complete and consumed as many thousand man hours as the construction of a brand new experimental aircraft; on the other hand, the whole process was no less complicated than making your own flyable plane. Perhaps one gets the wrong idea about simulator construction after installing MFSF or some similar product on a conventional PC, and this leads to underestimation of the sheer magnitude of such a project, but in the end you get the dream of any simulation enthusiast: Your own home cockpit or better yet, a flight simulator with which to learn how to become a better pilot.

Going from basic to final approach over SADF on the LV-MLF simulator.

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