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Pablo Edronkin

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The interior decoration of the MLD simulator is almost exclusively black and there are some good reason to have it that way.

Back when we started building the flight simulator Willy had a Piper Apache that was sold later. The interior fittings of this particular plane were all black and so we were also aware of the advantages of such an apparently dull finishing:

Dirt becomes less noticeable; of course, we vacuum and clean the sim from time to time, but nevertheless dust and other things become less noticeable in-between.

Any loose fit between the decoration panels made of wood and plastic covered with fabric become unnoticeable.

Pilots concentrate better on their instruments and the exterior views.

We applied a couple of coats of black paint to the interior of the cockpit before installing any component, so there is a black base on which we put the panels covered in back fabric and leather. The result is quite good but anyone getting into it has to use the cabin lights to see anything.

Details of the interior furnishings in black; a part of the overhead panel.
Details of the interior furnishings in black; a part of the overhead panel.

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