What About A Moving Platform?

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Pablo Edronkin

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One big question that every flight simulator faces is whether to include in a design a movement system to simulate the physical actions of the aircraft; it is of course, a nice thing to do but you should have a very deep pocket.

The development costs of a flight simulator in a strict sense should include movement actuators. All simulation platforms that don't have this are, in the realm of strict definitions, trainers, but not simulators. But in general, most "simulators" are designed just as "trainers" for some pretty strong reasons and thus, in reality, "trainers" do the job of "simulators" in most cases despite not being such for purists:

The required actuators to provide realistic movement and the associated support systems are far more expensive than any other sim component.

Maintaining and upgrading a movement platform is a very expensive proposition not just because the actuators, being hydraulic and mechanic systems need repairs from time to time, but because all other systems inside the cockpit are subjected to violent movements and vibrations.

For most situations that anyone intends to simulate, such actuators are not really required.

So, despite the fact that installing such actuators is an exciting thing to think about, from our point of view, when we started designing the MLF simulator, it made little sense to spend at least twenty thousand dollars just to move our 500 kg-or-so simulator. However, being our cockpit a real Cessna 310 component, we decided to keep the wing roots and strut attachment points so that in the future, we may add the required actuators there.

Anyway, things move on LV-MLF.

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