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A good Internet connection is these days a must for any cockpit simulator constructor.

Using a web connection not only you will be able to download all sorts of software addons and updates, but you will also be able to enhance your simming experience with things like METAR information, which is used to emulate real-life weather conditions. Besides, the worldwide simming community is active producing new services and products like virtual air traffic control, that enhance even more the simulated flight but of course, require a fast and reliable connection to the world wide web. In our case, however, the need for a well-structured connection came from a different perspective: Our LV-MLF simulator is constructed around many different commercial addons with which we achieved superior quality in terms of realism, but many of these addons, albeit downloadable, require an active connection to the manufacturer's server during the installation process for registration and decryption because the modules, you guessed, come encrypted and can only be installed using a key.

This is quite noticeable in the case of companies that use Flight One's wrapper, a system of encryption and decryption designed to provide safe distribution of simulations sofware products; this system has been developed in order to fight software piracy so while designers and distributors may feel very happy about it, it can complicate things unduly to any hones customer if a direct Internet connection available from each computer where the product is to be installed is available. In some cases you can install such products on a non-Internet computer, but in others you will not. The install process in a network is achieved on a per computer basis and it is unadvisable to have them connected to the web by means of a proxy (see Installing Gauges In A Home Cockpit.)

The best way to connect them is by using the right logical and physical network topology, by connecting the modem directly to your network switch or hub as an independent node and not as functionally dependent from any other computer, a fact that will turn the whole arrangement into a proxy-type connection.

A good Internet connection is a must to download METAR and other info.
A good Internet connection is a must to download METAR and other info.

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