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Tips, tales and advice related to aircraft engines.

The BMW-003 Turbojet - The BMW-003, originally known as prototype 109-003 in Germany, was one of the first turbojets ever built and became the basis of several different engine designs that evolved from it, like the Soviet-made RD-20, the Japanese Ishikawajima Ne-20 and the SNECMA Atar 9.

How To Start A Reciprocating Aircraft Engine (I) - Starting an aeronautical conventional engine is a rather simple procedure if it has a starter; but if you have to resort to hand propping, you should take some precautions and follow a carefully rehearsed technique, and this is the recommended method.

Avionics And Systems - Through this page we will explain to you various different avionics and onboard systems that are common among aircraft of all types.

Meet The IA-46 Ranquel - The IA-46 Ranquel was an excellent STOL design that deserved better luck.

Comments on simulation systems (I) - Comments and thoughts on the factors that affect simulators.

L-21 LV-ARH - Instrument Panel - Pictures and notes on the instrument panel of aircraft L-21 LV-ARH.

Aviators And Observers - Whenever a small aircraft is used for reconnaisance and observation, no matter what the purpose may be, some precautions should be taken into account.

FIDAE 2004 - World Experts Re-Join in Conferences of FIDAE 2004 - Since in every opportunity FIDAE it will receive in its) facilities a series of relevant conferences for the aerospace world world.

FIDAE 2004 - Worried by the Environment - FIDAE 2004 adds as new challenge, political environmental that synchronize with the accomplishment of the event.

FIDAE 2004 - Leader in Latin America Par Excellence - One of the principal points that define FIDAE 2004, as the major aeronautical modal of Latin America, is his aptitude to modernize and to adapt to the changes that take place day after day in the commercial and military aviation of the whole orb.

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