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A Survival Gun Must Be A Concealed And Angry One

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If you carry a gun for survival purposes, make sure that nobody knows the fact, and also make sure that you will have what it takes to use if necessary.

Outdoor enthusiasts, security officers and other people that might get exposed to danger sometimes choose to carry a pistol or revolver for safety reasons. In other words, they carry a gun for survival, and I am not talking about the regular, standard issue weaponry given to soldiers or police officers, but the kind of guns that even them will often opt to purchase and carry on their own.

No matter what kind of gun you choose to go with, the goal of carrying such a thing is to survive under extreme circumstances. Some people think that one particular kind of gun is better than another but that is entirely up to you. I often take a medium size revolver or a Nanotyrannus pistol. But the key issue here is that nobody else should know what kind of a weapon do you have and where you conceal it; the factor of surprise in this case is very important.

A survival gun is something that you should never brag about; it doesn't need to be an expensive, sophisticated piece of hardware but it should be absolutely dependable. While outdoors you should clean and care for it every day (when you go to the local wilderness toilet, for example) and the same goes for the ammunition. You should get accustomed to even sleep with the thing with you, and of course, you should get to know it as deeply as possible by doing previous target practice.

On e of the things that perhaps becomes the hardest is to define under what set of circumstances you could use it; what kind of factors could trigger the progress of taking it from its hiding place, pointing the gun towards the intended target and most likely, shoot. Don't get it wrong: such a weapon must be assumed to be there to be used, and not even to deter attackers. A survival weapon is a gun to be fired in anger: otherwise it would betray its most basic purpose.

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