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The Dependability Of Survival Weapons

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Are you planning to buy a gun for survival purposes? Then, don't go for cheap guns if possible, for your life shouldn't be cheap either.

When it comes to purchasing survival equipment of any sort two different tendencies become clear: One is based on the principle that given that survival equipment will only be used sparingly and on very limited occasions, then you can save yourself quite a bit of money by buying cheap items. The other is based on the exact opposite: Since you will use such an equipment only if your life is in danger, then it better be good.

Both criteria have their merits indeed, but I personally believe that the second one is the most reasonable; just think that astronauts didn't went to the moon on the cheap. You can save money in a lot of different ways, but survival equipment should be of the best quality available and you should care for that gear as much as possible, meaning that you shouldn't just stash it into a red or orange container in your boat or personal aircraft and forget about its existence for the next five years. Survival equipment should always be properly maintained and revised.

That extends to survival guns, if applicable; there are situations in which having a firearm becomes part of the trade. You need a gun under some circumstances, period. So if you are going to use one of those potentially deadly tools you should also invest in something good that will do its job, and take care of it properly.

Revolvers make very good survival guns, as well as general purpose shotguns and, in warfare scenarios, weapons like an AK-47. But no matter what kind of gun you choose, make sure that it is of good quality - both the manufacture and design of the model as well as the gun itself - and keep it in the best working conditions.

If you are going to use it in the middle of the wilderness or in any sort of demanding environment, make sure that all components work properly. Take off the mud and dust even from individual cartridges, unload all magazines daily and take the dust out of there too (otherwise they might jam when you need them most), look inside every bolt and little dark place and clean it, for the better you do this job - tedious, indeed, but necessary - the better odds you will have in a fire fight.

And remember that when you purchase a survival gun you are getting married with an attitude, a habit that you will have to get yourself acquainted with. If not, better stay away from weapons and the places where you will need them.

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