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There is a way to perform a practical test for your intended survival gun before you actually use it.

If you are planning on using a gun for survival purposes during your next wilderness adventure, try to put the tool - that is, the gun, for guns are in fact, tools - to the test before you actually embark on that particular adventure which could be demanding and in the event that the weapons fails to live up to expectations, would eventually put you in a difficult and dangerous situation.

The best way to test your gun would be to go on a wilderness weekend trip somewhere; this should not be a particularly difficult excursion, but rugged enough to actually tell you whether it will be practical to have that sort of gun, if your sling or holster performs well, if the gun doesn't break down and so on.

I have done this scores of times since I am a weapons designer (see here, for example) and in many different occasions, as I prepare for some really serious expedition in which I usually take a survival weapon with me, I usually first go out on a smallish "rehearsal expedition" lasting two to three days. These little trips take place about a month or two before departing on the real thing so that I always have time to make modifications if warranted.

Most gun users don't design their own firearms, and even fewer use selective or full-auto guns like I do (Well, if you design your guns, why not do the whole job?) so any change or modification would probably be smaller than the kind of things that I subject my guns to, or would imply a replacement of a gun that has proven impractical or cumbersome. But at any rate, these tests will tell you a lot about your survival gun, how to use them and more importantly, how not to deal with them.

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