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Among mobsters it is common knowledge that if you are going to kill someone, you should never tell anybody: the same principle applies if you carry a concealed gun for survival purposes.

It is not that you should do anything illegal, but if you carry a weapon because your survival might be at stake, laws are of little use and constitutional rights, just an academic issue. Whenever it boils down to raw survival, of life-takers pitted against you, no matter if it is a dinosaur in a lost world, a wild boar furious because you entered its natural territory, a couple of criminals or a handful of vicious terrorists, no judge, prosecutor or policeman will certainly come to the rescue, and if they do, they will likely be shot down, chopped, eaten alive or cut to pieces.

Surprise is an important factor during the initial stages of any confrontation, and street firefights or shoot outs tend to be very, very short affairs: The are usually "solved" in a matter of seconds. So, even a small calibre gun properly concealed will count, and proper surprise will increase your odds of survival hugely. Laws are very nice theoretical exercises, and they can either help you or make your life miserable, but they cannot keep you alive if your life is really threatened; so, if you need a survival gun you should get it, legally of course, but never take a "no" for an answer, for there is always a way to do it within the boundaries of the law.

If you decide to carry a survival gun you should, of course, meditate on the possible consequences both in legal as well as material terms long before you first grab it with your hands. I recommend that you seek proper legal advice before doing so but once you have made up your mind, remember that concealing a gun means that nobody - that is, nobody, literally - should know about it.

Never, ever, whatsoever talk about the matter; never show it, never brag about guns, guts or whatever. Never tell anyone about your motives, your choice of pistol, revolver or any other gun type: say nothing and your enemies will know nothing. Concealing a gun is not a matter of having a good pocket where to put it, but a whole attitude.

Be especially careful as you take off your gear or clothes; undressing could betray you. Showing your gun could tell a lot to any potential enemy, even indirectly. Knowledgeable killers might - for example - learn that you carry a revolver with six bullets loaded, or a pistol with a big, fat magazine carrying well over a dozen full metal jacket bullets: and they will approach you accordingly. However, if they know nothing about your personal arsenal what they don't know might kill them before they kill you.

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