The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and Us

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Pablo Edronkin

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Conspiracy theories are laughable per se, but when they pertain your own family, they are proportionally more amazing.

"We have always said that in our war with the Arabs we had a secret weapon - no alternative." - Golda Meir[250].

Perhaps you have heard about a book called "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"[40] but just in case you haven not, it was written during the last years of the nineteenth century and published in 1903. It has been demonstrated widely and repeatedly to be a hoax used to promote anti Semitism, but has found quite and audience and still does.

It has also been suggested that Adolf Hitler used it as the basis for his anti - Semitic doctrine and as a justification for the Holocaust, and after reading it, is not difficult to see why.

The book is riddled with errors, ommissions, misinterpretations and evident displays of ignorance; it is clearly targeted towards a non-discerning, low-culture public with no critic or scientific education, but allegedly describes a meeting that took place during the nineteenth century. In this meeting, various Jewish leaders agreed to subvert the Gentiles those not Jewish by controlling the press and the world's economy. The goal is, according to the book, world domination by the Jewish elite.

Curiously enough, in many parts of the world the idea of shadow conspiracies using the press and the economy still survives and prospers, providing the basis for many demagogic governments. Take, for example all those countries engulfed in sovereign debts that are incapable or unwilling to pay; ask anyone there who is to blame. Many will tell you that the banks, the media and of course, the Jews.

But even in countries that have little or no Jewish presence, are fairly well managed and have an ostensibly educated population became good markets for the book; in Japan, for example, several editions of "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" were pretty successful y terms of sales. In Scandinavian countries, and especially in Norway, anti Semitism is subdued but pretty much alive I have enconutered it myself there. Support for the terrorist organization Hamas is common, as the ideas proposed by that group, probably wth the exception if Denmark. And considering that "The Protocols" are at the basis of Hamas's charters, hence, there is also a Scandinavian audience for the book.

The book's history is related to the rise of the big Jewish banking families, including Rothschild, Warburg, Goldschmidt and other that I have mentioned. My own family has had been the target of the same phenomenon in Poland before WWII (See: The Skowronek Bank Robbery) and of course, during the Holocaust as well.

In reality, Jewish banking goes way back to ancient times, but commercial banking as we understand it today slowly evolved since the middle ages and matured with the business model developed by the Rothschilds and the associated families like those I have already mentioned.

Most Jewish, Christian and Muslim people up to modern times were pretty poor, except those in leading positions. Bankers in some cases became even more powerful and rich than kings, and being those bankers Jewish, in most cases, non-Jewish leaders began seeing not only with the prevalent greedy eyes politicians ara always ready to spend the money of others but with fear: Money means political power per se, but in some cases, such as the Schoenberg family, those Jewish bankers were actually related by blood to royalty and nobility. That fact alone and the idea no matter how far-fetched that one day they might claim the throne to more than one European kingdom, was enough for actual governments to begin seeing those bankers as real threaths to their own survival in power.

Low-class, or "popular" anti Semitism always existed, but in some periods of time, anti Semitism becomes either a political ideology or gains support of government authorities. Thus, it was unavoidable that officialy-sanctioned anti Semitism began to unravel. It is whithin this context that

Piotr Ivanovich Rachkovsky[41], the head of the Paris office of the Russian Secret Police Okhrana[43] was most likely its main author, although it certainly received the input by many others. The book is presented as an authentic document describing that meeting, but it is known to be a forgery, and even the Tzar Nicholas II commented on the fact, recognizing its false origin.

Nevertheless, according to the book, twenty four protocols were agreed by these elders of Zion, intended to gain world dominance.

Actually, it was used during the first years of the twentieth century by the Russian authorities in order to justify their defeat at the Russian Japanese war. "The Times" newspaper finally exposed the book as a forgery, in 1921. Nevertheless, even the 1988 charter of the terrorist group Hamas assumes its authenticity. Russia, since the time of the Oprichniki[44] had used such methods against its internal enemies institutionally. So, they probably liked to understand the world as one big conspiracy since they were conspiring against each other in their own country.

Now... These elders of Zion, as they are called, might well include my family. Moreover: Since we are bankers, are connected by familiar links to the "dreadful" Rothschilds, there are many rabbis and rebbes and God forbids even European and Muslim royalty in our genealogy, we should be. I should be one of the present elders of Zion, not even if I deny it, but even if I don't know it. Or so would the believers in the book say. The fact that we have survived for so long must be proof that we are naughty, naughty, right?

If I admit to be part of the conspiracy that would be - of course - an undeniable confession. If I don't confess it, it would be - of course - undeniable proof that I am hiding something so, aside from telling it as a funny story why bother?

The protocols, despite that science and investigative journalism has demonstrated that it is just a heap of lies, has received many endorsements, including those of the late Muhammad Ghadaffi, Anwar Saddat, Gammal Abdel Nasser, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia and many others. Indeed, none of these guys is or was a historian or archaeologist capable of endorsing anything with any amount of sustainable, scientific evidence. Just by looking at the [lack of] academic credentials of these supporters should be enough to discredit such endorsements int he mind of anyone who has even a modest amount of formal education.

In the Syria of president Assad, who seemingly likes to butcher its own people, and it the Islamic Iran of these days new editions of the Protocols have been printed, and even an Iranian intellectual reportedly said that Jews will go on to dominate other planets, the Milky Way galaxy and other galaxies. Since my hobby is space flight simulation and I am toying with the idea of superluminal travel (FTL) using my simulator, Nerkabtu, I am sure that the Iranian dudes will find a "connection" between me and the Elders of Zion's plans for universal dominance. Indeed, I should be the closest thing to Darth Vader on Earth.

Should I be flattered by the intelligence they assign to us, or sorry because of their own lack of it?[43]

Interestingly, most of those endorsing the "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" are not adept at giving their own people freedom, democracy or human rights, so, take what they say as where it comes from.

Front page illustration from 1911 edition of Sergei Nilus' book The Great in the Small that contained The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
Front page illustration from 1911 edition of Sergei Nilus' book The Great in the Small that contained The Protocols of the Elders of Zion
The captions (among occult symbols and the Eliphas Levi version of the "Chariot" Tarot card) read: "Thus we shall win",
"Mark of antichrist" (labeling a Tetragrammaton pentagram by Eliphas Levi), "Unlawfulness", "Tarot",
"INRI", "Great mystery." From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia[42].

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