Our Conspiracy? Are You Sure or Just Being a Moron?

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Pablo Edronkin

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Has anyone ever proved that The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is an authentic document using research-standard, scientific method techniques? Certainly not, and on the contrary, there is enough evidence to condemn that publication as a fake, a forgery much like the man of Piltdown, the Hitler Diaries and other esoteric, pseudo-scientific stuff; however, that pamphlet has altered the lives of millions and influenced the business of our family.

"Our task today is harder than Moses'; he had only to deliver Israel from one Egypt, we must deliver it from many." - Manachem Ussishkin[250].

"The Protocols of the Elders of Zion" is also known as "The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion" so, if they are learned, and elders which should mean wise they would know very well what to do and more importantly, what not to do. And since they are "learned" they would not display ignorance, would they?

Again, if the Jewish elite of the world is conspiring against everyone else and succeeding, according to those who believe in the book, then, the Jews should be smarter than the rest of humanity, right?

Therefore, their worse enemies should be exactly the opposite because the less that these enemies have in common with the Jewish elite, the better to define them. Thus, those who kill or have killed Jews as a sport, should be exactly the opposite to learned, wise and smart, meaning that they, by the spell of simple logic, would be ignorant, foolish and brute.

Now, Hitler and Stalin just to take two examples wanted to exterminate the Jews, each one in his own way, and they also wanted to dominate the world, considering what the propaganda of their own regimes disseminated around the globe.

So, if the Jewish aristocrats are more learned, they are wise, and they are very, very smart, how could they do something as stupid as what their fiercest enemies, who are or were ignorant, foolish and brute would do? If Hitler and Stalin, who again, by simple logic represented the opposite of Jewry tried to conquer the world, the reality of things tells us that Jews would never try to do the same.

Someone might argue that the Jews would try to do that in different ways, but again, if the Jewish aristocrats, Elders and so on are so bright, why would they need to do that? Or, better yet, why should we assume that someone who is less learned, wise or smart could be able to fathom the intellect of those learned Elders?

Would you say that your pet could understand what you do when you take your credit card and buy a ticket to Narvik? Then, why someone who is in the antipodes of mental capacity of the alleged Jewish Elders would forecast rightly what is to come?

Unless someone provides some truly scientific evidence about the supposedly diabolic designs of Jewish rabbis, bankers, and politicians, Logic, that evil lady she isn't Zionist, you know, it comes from ancient Greece will tell you that anti Semitism is the work of minds rather low in the count of neural connections.

Real-life events such as the botched robbery on the Skowronek Bank prove that the more extreme the anti- Semitic views are, the less intelligent those having such views are, up to the point of being caught by the police because they cannot control their desire to vent off their hate.

For centuries my family had to put-up with anti Semitism; I don't know if the fact that we still survive has anything to do with intelligence itself, but we have been on the above average in terms of wealth and education all this time. If Jewish bankers were so mean, that wouldn't indicate anything, and fortunes dishonestly made would have been lost thorough time simply because if someone who night have been dishonest or ruthless like Shylock would have made some money, his successors would have lost it because they wouldn't have been less intelligent, ruthless or greedy.

If someone gets an A grade on a test, it could be explained either thorough study or cheating; but if that person completes college getting straight As most of the time, that cannot simply be explained by cheating. Someone could argue that the student might have bribed the professors and all the college authorities. But then, if thorough life he also gets straight As most of the time, arguing that a full-fledged conspiracy protects that person against everybody else becomes really the stuff that a psychiatrist would be very interested in listening to.

The "Protocols" are a forgery that copied material from a political satire wrote in 1864 by Maurice Joly, called "Dialogue aux enfers entre Machiavel et Montesquieu" and a chapter from "Biarritz," a novel written in 1868 by an anti Semitic German writer by the name of Hermann Goedesche who was know for being a forger himself[40][53]. Goedesche was a postal employee, a plagiarist and a provocateur, hardly sporting the intellectual stamina required to understand geopolitics.

How people who in many cases had no formal education could think that they were in a condition to judge the motives and strategies of industrialists or banking families except by being victims of the Dunning Kruger effect?[51.2] Hitler was in reality just a Corporal, Stalin, a bank robber not so different from those that killed my great great grandfather[1.15]. They were not in posession of great minds, just great cruelty.

The nineteenth century meant the rise to power of many Jewish banking houses in different countries of the world, ruled by different laws and political systems. Adscribing such success to a conspiracy without any tangible, scientifically-audited evidence is simply foolish. Crime allows only for limited success, in scope as well as time. Success at the scale attained by Jewish financiers requires competitiveness, education, motivation and entrepreneurship; it is not very intelligent to blame unto Jews for one's own lack of those qualities and the success of others it is not meant to act as a mirror of mysery, but an opportunity to understand, learn, or at best, imitate successful examples. So why people are so keen to believe in conspiracy theories and similar pipe dreams?

The incapability to learn from those that are successful which entails a lack of education and intelligence, I guess.

These guys certainly didn't know that the Soviet NKVD killed part of my family.
Edited probably by Nazis in the U.S.A.,1934 - These guys certainly didn't know that the Soviet NKVD killed part of my family
From Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia[52].

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