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Pablo Edronkin

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One thing that I find really funny is when people try to find whom do I look like; the answer is simply that I look like people in my family, but then they ask, to exactly whom?

"Whoever enjoys his life is doing the Creator's will." - Proverb.

Having researched over 16.000 names related to our family since the cuneiform alphabet was still in use, I have seen quite a bit of engravings, drawings, oil paintings, sketches, pictures in general and of course, photos. I would say that at least 20.000 of them; thus I have found some similarities between different members of the family over many centuries. In some cases it was more difficult than others because the postures or colors in each drawing, picture and so on were different, perhaps because some artists were better than others, and also because it was pretty common for men to use long beards in the past so many facial features might appear distorted or partially hidden, making it difficult to make comparisons.

But there are a few pictures that are comparable, even in my case. So, in order to answer with examples whom do I loook like, which is a question that has besieged me for many years, I will give you here a few examples. I didn't write this article for the sake of vanity, but to put an end to the debate.

It has been said that I look like an ancient Israeli, or Italian, or like a Spaniard. One time in Germany, some former Iranian soldiers that have been wounded in the war between their country and Iraq asked mi if I was, in fact, from Iran as well. A couple of times in Poland and Norway I was told that I look like a Palestinian or a Jew.

It seems that my face is something of a quiz for many people, so, after some work I have found and edited a couple of pictures that will show you whom do I look like among all the known portraits of my family and the extended branches of it that is, distant relatives or people to whom we are somehow connected.

The edition of the pictures in question included two procedures: First, I cut from each picture the heads of the persons in question and pasted them in files of similar dimensions and resolution. And second, I turned into grayscale those pictures that were colored and insteaded gave them all a similar sepia coloring in order to provide similar basis for comparison. There was no other sort of edition procedure performed.

First of all, comes my grandfather Hilary Anthony Braun. Here you have a picture of him taken about 1930, and another of me in 1987.

H.A. Braun at about 25 years old.
H.A. Braun at about 25 years old.[94.1].
Pablo Edronkin at 19 years old.
Pablo Edronkin at 19 years old[94.4].

But most of the times after telling people that I look like my maternal grandfather, they start asking whom did my grandfather look like, going into the endless egg-and-chicken contradiction, as if I were responsible for the aspect of every generation before me since the beginning of time.

Sometimes I point out that ultimately our ancestors looked like protozoans, but that usually doesn't seem to satisfy popular curiosity, so, I decided to provide humanity with a little bit more information: Here is the last king of Portugal, Manuel II (1889 1932) who lived almost a hundred years before me. In case you have not read the rest of the articles on the Skowronek Bankers you might indeed ask yourself what do I have to do with him. In that case, I recommend you to read the whole story, but especially this article and you will see the details, but suffice to say for now that we have in fact some common ancestors:

Manuel II at 12 years old.
Manuel II at 12 years old[96].
Pablo Edronkin at 9 years old.
Pablo Edronkin at 9 years old[94.2].
Manuel II at about 25 a years old.
Manuel II at about 25 a years old.[97].
Pablo Edronkin at 40 years old.
Pablo Edronkin at 40 years old[94.3].

Unfortunately I couldn't get pictures of my grandfather, of Manuel of Portugal and myself in the same posture and at exactly the same ages, but I could approximate a little bit, so you can get an idea. I don't pretend to make a statement about anything with this, just to provide anyone that still remains in such an existential doubt as to whom do I look like with some facts. Opinions are - of course - subjective, but just compare the facial features in the pictures, taking into accout the differences in the ages of those portrayed in each case. So far I have not found pictures in which ages and postures correlate better than in these. It wasn't part of the plan of my life to take those pictures at the right moment just to paste them online, you know, so please, indulge me.

Those that said that I look like an Israelite got it right since my family is Davidic, and those saying that I look like someone from Spain got close too, since a part of the family comes from Sephardi Jews who were well placed among the aristocracy of Spain and Portugal; however, as far as I know, we have to go back to the XVI century to find common ancestors between Manuel II and myself. Maybe there were more in the following centuries because these families usually tend to stick together, but anyway, you might call this a freak of nature, but it is not: is just nature repeating herself. But if you still have doubts, you can compare my picture with one of Afonso V de Portugal here.

And if you still have a doubt, well, for the moment so be it.

Les Voyeurs; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.
Les Voyeurs; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.

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