And Sea Monsters Exist, After All

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Pablo Edronkin

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Ancient maps and naval charts depict monsters like giant fish and squids eating whole ships; those images have been long considered purse superstition, but the discovery of actual giant squids in recent years prove that beyond tales there are frequently some basis of truth so, there might be a lesson here: Not because something sounds far-fetched it is necessarily false.

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." - B. Disraeli.

Skepticism is a healthy thing, but closing your mind to everything that might be out there simply because it seems too far-fetched to be believed is as wrong as believing anything with no skepticism at all.

Sometimes life, science and nature prove things that are even wilder than most ideas ever conceived by anyone. Before getting into any sort of discussion, I would like you to see the video and the picture shown below, which will serve to make this point:

Video tape of a giant squid (Archyteuthis sp.)
Sea monsters, from Magnus' Carta Marina.
Sea monsters, from Magnus' Carta Marina[112].

Do "sea monsters" exist or not, after all? Evidence points to a resounding "yes"; these squids are no "monsters" but the product of evolution, as it is yet another, even larger species, but the word "monsters" serves to pint the fact that such creatures were once thought to be fantastic. Tales about such animals have appeared over centuries but since the advent of modernity and the scientific method, they became the object of study of folklorists and cryptozoologists; mainstream biologists seldom pay attention to such claims, until some sort of hard evidence appears.

And then, what about the history of our family? It does seem the work of fiction, indeed, but as in the case of the “sea monsters” the veracity of such a claim shouldn't be dismissed lightly. As I said, you can believe anything you hear, or nothing, or you can be skeptical without dismissing the possibility. The first thing is what a gullible person would do, the second, a petulant denier, but the third option is that of the scientists, the explorers, the entrepreneurs and leaders.

After I heard about the Davidic lineage in our family for the first time (see Bashing the Villa), I thought that it was a fairy tale; then, on getting my grandmother better as I grew up, and since other relatives were saying the same, I realized that they were serious, and so, I began thinking that it was some sort of religious belief. However, at about twelve years old, I was aware of the fact that religion had little or nothing to do with the issue, since grandmother and most of those speaking about the fact were not very religious people and they never bragged about the issue or boasted about the character of the family; quite on the contrary, in the case of those who survived the Holocaust, they rarely spoke about such things. It took my uncle Wojciek almost his entire life to tell anyone about his WWII experiences, including what he knew about the fate of a number of members of the family. That happened when we were both visiting the Nowy Dwór house that grandmother managed to keep despite the Nazis and the Communists, a couple of months ago.

Over time I learned about history and the things that happened to the clan during WWII; the need to assist relatives surviving behind the Iron Curtain, to protect what was left of the family wealth and to recover what could be recovered taught me the rest. The affair turned into a big research effort that is years on the making now.

All thorough the history of exploration, civilization and indeed, our family, such stories and legends have appeared from time to time. The very nature of a familiar history that goes on allegedly for more than a hundred generations, passing thorough royal houses, explorers, bankers, arms dealers, philosophers, artists and religious leaders, seems at first glance as such a tale, I grant anyone that. But, does that automatically mean that it is untrue?

Before answering yourself that question, again, read everything that has been written about it, and then remember the "sea monsters."

Sandfish; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.
Sandfish; pencil, 2012, by Pablo Edronkin.

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