Dawid Blat

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Dawid (1912-?) was one of the sons of Khaim Gedaliahu Blat; he would have been an uncle of mine if he had not been assassinated during WWII.

According to all records found so far, and according to various testimonies, no member of the family of my great uncle, Khaim, survived the holocaust; they were either killed by the Nazis or by the Soviet NKVD. Records suggest that Dawid lived at Smocza 3, about 50 m away from the address of his father. He seemingly owned the building or at least was in the process of buying it since we found a mortgage number to his name for that property from 1930[186.1]; the name of the owner is listed sometimes as Dawid Blutt, Dawid Blatt or Dawid Bluht.

All these are accepted variants of the same surname. Another Dawid Blat - of the same Blat family - was born about 20 years before so he could have been the owner as well. Dawid ben Khaim would have been a pretty young landlord, which seems unlikely but it is not impossible, especially considering the proximity to his father's apartment, at Nowolipki 45. Of course, the building was razed to the ground as everything that stood inside what was to become the Warsaw ghetto.

According to the NKVD records found[185.1], Dawid was arrested along with his brothers in the area surrounding L'viv; if they moved first to Slonim as their father Khaim (see Khaim Gedaliahu Blat) they might have fled after the arrest of part of the family, only to get caught later. People that went away from Warsaw as the city was about to fall in late September 1939, often found their paths to neutral countries like Sweden or Romania cut often the Soviets invaded eastern Poland, so it wouldn't be surprising that they turned directions or simply attempted to flee after members of the family were arrested an it became apparent that they would fall in the hands of the NKVD as well.

The only one that succeeded escaping from both the NKVD and the Gestapo was my grandmother. Of those arrested only a handful survived the war.

ul. Smocza 3, Warsaw.
The building that now stands at Smocza 3, in Warsaw[94.42].

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