Kamienica at ul. Zelazna 43

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Pablo Edronkin

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A building for which there are records of joint Skowronek and Schoenberg ownership in 1914.

In the 1914 Warsaw Calendar edited by Józef Ungra[189], a building located at ul. Zelazna 43 appears listed as a joint Schoenberg - Skowronek property[189.1]. This building does not appear as such after 1915 so presumably it was sold; pictures of 1937 show a well-cared building which today, while still existing in Warsaw, is not any more: balconies and architectural details have been stripped off, either due to the war and lack of posterior maintenance, or simply because during the communist era many aesthetic details were cut off from many buildings in Warsaw and other Polish cities in order to level-down what appeared burgeois to the eyes of communist authorities and fanatics that wanted everything to look standard, like the big housing projects of the time.

The same calendar as in 1914, but in 1915, lists this building as a joint property; so far and with the information at hand, this building was the property of Shlomo Skowronek and Dinah Schoenberg, his wife. The mortgage number for this building is listed as hyp 5802 to the name of Schoenberg and Skowronek.

There were several marriages between both families, but this one was the most senior and wealthy of the time - another one was that of Abraham Skowronek and Ewa Schoenberg, son and niece of Shlomo and Dinah, respectively. The banking enterprise at the time belonged certainly to Shlomo and Dinah and their sons worked at their bank (see The Skowronek Bank robbery); thus it is reasonable to assume that the owners of the building as well as most other investments really belonged to the elders and were later sold, probably in order to distribute Shlomo's wealth after he had been assassinated during the attack on the bank that he owned.

Zelazna 43 was the family address until then. That is where my great grandmother Hena Skowronek (See Hena Skowronek) lived before her marriage with my great grandfather Józef Blat (See Hersz Josek Blat), in 1891. From there, they went to live to Nowy Dwór Maz. to the property that the Blat family had there since the years in which they began their business as military contractors.

In later years, a building located at ul. Ceglana 10 played a similar role. Aside from the houses or apartments of individual members of the family, there was always a place - usually the house of the family patriarch or elder - where everyone got together and was often used as the official address of the rest of the family for practical purposes. At least in the case of my family branch, we still continue with this practice, having one address where everybody gets together.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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