Ul. Kowienska 7

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Pablo Edronkin

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Up to 1915, this was a property of Yitzkhak Schoenberg, located at the Praga district, in Warsaw.

Survivors of WWII said that the Skowronek family owned a property in the Praga district of Warsaw. Praga - not to be confused with the Czech capital - grew on the eastern shore of the Wisla river at a time in which there were no bridges to cross it in order to reach Warsaw.

Also, until the XIX century, save exceptions Jews were not allowed to live in Warsaw so a small village formed there among both Jews as well as those that reached the outskirts of Warsaw but, for example, were waiting to cross in barges, often until the end of the night. Artistic depictions of the final years of the XVIII century show that there was very little on the eastern side of the river.

That, of course, created the need for lodges, taverns and so on, and after a while, the village grew into a town, and as the first bridges were put in place, it became practically integrated into Warsaw.

Bridges were destroyed both in WWI and WWII, but Praga escaped most of the punishment suffered by Warsaw between 1939 and 1945. Today, Praga is the main district on the eastern side of the Polish capital and new bridges are constantly been finished.

One of the members of the Schoenberg family owned a piece of real estate there, and we know that the Schoenbergs had also land outside the city; he was Yitzkhak Schoenberg[1.209] and in the public records of 1914 and 1915, he appears as the owner of ul. Kowienska 7[190.1]; in 1915 the property appears as sold to another person outside the family, or at least someone with whom we could find no links so far.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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