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The surname Goldkorn in Poland originates apparently from a single person and all the Polish Goldkorns are descendants of one of the branches of the Schoenberg family.

" would be a mistake... to ascribe to Roman legal conceptions an undivided sway over the development of law and institutions during the Middle Ages... The Laws of Moses as well as the laws of Rome contributed suggestions and impulse to the men and institutions which were to prepare the modern world; and if we could have but eyes to see... we should readily discover how very much besides religion we owe to the Jew." - Pres. Woodrow Wilson[248].

I first learned about this surname when I was reviewing the Rozen testimonies (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony); these established that the Goldkorns murdered during the Holocaust were three: two children - Dawid[1.216] and Izo[1.217] - and their father Yaakov[1.214], married to Khava Taub[1.215], who a sister of Freidl Taub[1.190], my great aunt. In other words, the murdered Goldkorn sons would have been both uncles of mine if they had survived the war. They all died in the Warsaw ghetto.

Later on I received an email message from a descendant of the Goldkorn family asking if I had any information about them. This person stated that within their family they knew that all Goldkorns had he same origin. Researching for links between people named Blat in different parts of Poland I came across a marriage in Lodz between a Blat and a Goldkorn: Indeed, Szlama Meir Blat[1.221] married Sara Goldkorn[1.222] there; Sara was reportedly murdered by the Nazis. The obvious conclusion was that based in what I was told, the Blats from Lodz should be related to the Blats living in Warsaw.

But strictly speaking this was just a reasonable, very credible but not certifiable conclusion, so I started to review the available information about the Goldkorn name in Poland. Looking up in existing indexes I found that the name appears in the XIX and XX centuries in several regions of Poland, and that the earliest Goldkorn so registered was a man named Yaakov, born in 1818[1.218]. He had ten sons and daughters, including one named Fiszel, and existing Yad Vashem records point to the fact that the father of Yaakov Goldkorn, husband of Khava Taub, was called Fiszel. Moreover: The wife of Yaakov Sr. was Gitla Schoenberg[1.220].

According to civil records, the son of Yaakov Sr. was born in 1861, while Yad Vashem pages of testimony state that Yaakov Jr. was born in 1895; there is no other record describing the existence of any other Fiszel Goldkorn in Poland at the time so it becomes evident that this Fiszel, son of Yaakov Sr. and Gitla Schoenberg, was the father of Yaakov Goldkorn Jr. and apparently, as described in the email message I mentioned, the Goldkorn family of Poland indeed began with Yaakov Sr. and Gitla.

I the decades following the marriage of Gitla and Yaakov Sr. members of the Goldkorn family married with people bearing family names known to be related to the Schoenbergs of Warsaw, like Blat and Taub, as we mentioned (See also Schoenberg).

Goldkorn in Poland is related to the following family names[1][228]:

A: Ajdelman, Anisman, Arkusz, Auerbach.

B: Benet, Blat, Blumenfeld, Bugajer, Bursztyn.

C: Chmielnicki, Cienzkowski, Cynamon.

D: Danziger, Dyzenhaus.

E: Elbaum, Erlich.

F: Fajgenblat, Feldman, Finkelberg, Fis, Friedman.

G: Gelbard, Gotszal, Grynszpan.

H: Heller, Herzberg, Hirschberg, Hirszprung.

J: Jablonki, Juwiler.

K: Kaczka, Katz, Katzenellenbogen, Kazmierski, Kin, Kinrys, Kumer, Kumiec.

L: Lifschitz, Löwenstein.

M: Manel, Menarski.

N: Neimark.

P: Palarz, Paryzer, Platkewicz, Posluszny.

R: Rajman, Rajzenblum, Rapaport, Richter, Rudkowski

S: Sapir, Schoenberg, Spiewak, Strausman, Szamrot, Szein, Szpilberg.

T: Taub.

W: Wajselfisz, Waksman, Waksztajn, Weinberg, Winograd.

Z: Zawiszynski, Zelwer, Zilberberg, Zysman, Zyman.

Unless new information becomes available we should conclude that indeed the Goldkorn family originates as described; it could be the case that one or two prior generations carried the surname Goldkorn since family names were adopted in Poland between 1795 and 1823, so even if Yaakov Sr. himself adopted the family name Goldkorn - which is unlikely due to his age in 1823, the latest year in which surnames could be adopted -, his father and even grandfather could have been alive.

For now, however, and for all practical purposes, we can say that the Polish Goldkorn family evolved from the marriage of Gitla and Yaakov Sr. and consequently, it can be described as a secondary branch of the Schoenberg family.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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