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Pablo Edronkin

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Since the Skowronek banking family is related to rabbinical families and to the European royalty, there is indeed a Davidic tradition to it that survived for many centuries; this can be taken as literal by some, and as tale by others - including myself until more proof comes by if ever, although I do not deny the possibility -, but here are some comments about what is real beyond doubt about the tradition, and that is, that it exists and has a weight by itself and a life of its own.

The idea that European royals, many rabbinical and prestigious Jewish families as well as Shia Imams descend from King David is not new; in fact, that claim has been in existence since King David was still alive and has been used as a way to give legitimation to positions of power, based on what is written in the Bible. If David received his unction from his creator and he said that he would remain as legitimate king of the "chosen people" as well as his descendants for eternity, it was and still is quite a powerful argument in favour of those that claim such a pedigree to keep what they have.

Indeed, the Bible states that the Jews are the chosen people, but then Christians and Muslims interpreted instead that the Jews fell from grace and they became the chosen people while, of course, Jews continued to say that what the Christians and Muslims say is nonsense. However, this argument became the basis to justify the existence of monarchies, because if God chose David and his descendants as rulers, and you are a descendant of King David, then you have a divine right to rule. So goes the argument, and it worked for thousands of years.

I have been asked both why do I believe in something unproven by modern scientific standards and why do I do not believe it, depending on whether the person making the question bases his or her mindset on science or religion. Of course, it is impossible to believe and remain unsure about a fact at the same time, and the shortest possible answer is that I do not believe it at face value, but see a couple valid points regarding the Davidic tradition and how it touches my family: First of all, the belief itself is a fact that had and still has historical and religious significance and as such, it is worth mentioning because those who did believe in it formed a dynasty that is regardless of everything else many centuries old.

So in one hand I have to consider the modern, scientific aspect of the matter and on the other I have to take into account that while science is an exciting form of knowledge, it is relatively modern and it would be incorrect and unbecoming to use it to reject everything else. If we remember how young revolutionaries in places like Cambodia / Kampuchea, during Pol-Pot's regime destroyed everything they considered "old" because they were "new and better" it is easy to see how dangerous and stupid it would be to act so petulantly.

After all religion has helped to shape civilizations for thousands of years while science was not even a project in the minds of the wisest. So despite that there are some radical atheists out there, religion has shown its value too and it cannot be discredited, ignored or its writings and stories be taken as completely false just because they have religious origin and the person making the critique is not well-intended, is hateful or a fanatic.

Of course, this doesn't mean either that religious ideas can be sustained in equal level as modern scientific theories when the evidence is overwhelming. In many aspects religion is a way of explaining things that simply has to give way to better ways to provide explanations for natural phenomena. For example: the Genesis is a fine story and was the only explanation for our origins for quite a while, but today creationism cannot be considered as a serious contender for the evolutionary theory based on an enormous variety of evidence. So, the religious arguments regarding Davidic origins as understood both by Christian royalty, Shia Muslims and Jews merit consideration as a possibility still to be confirmed - or not. So, after explaining my basic rationale on this matter, here are some articles:

Survival, Evolution and Effectiveness of Dynasties: The House of David - In order to maintain a position of leadership a dynasty can be created; those dynasties that are successful can survive for hundreds or even thousands of years. But in order to achieve that it is necessary to think in very long terms, something that ambitious leaders are rarely able to do since they are essentially selfish.

The Bet of Meir ben Barukh von Rothenburg Against Himself - Meir ben Barukh von Rothenburg was born in 1215 in Germany and died in 1293; he was a rabbi, a poet and a philosopher at a time in which most people were illiterate in Europe. Thanks to the brutes around him he had to bet against himself for the sake and survival of his family and his people.

Survival and continuity of dynasties - Survival is not just a concept applicable to maintaining life with the bare minimums; in some cases it can represent the bet on the continuation of political dynasties and leadership.

Memories and Survival - What would anyone think about his children or grandchildren if he, somehow, would know that his descendants would totally forget about them? Can anything, anybody survive if memories don't?

Outcasting Those Unsuitably Married - Outcasting means rejecting, leaving away, banning; in the context of dynastic families it means that a former position of a given person and its associated rights are taken away for some reason which generally is related to undesirable marriages, from the point of view of the family.

Once again, just to be sure, let me remind you that the present state of knowledge does not make the Davidic ancestry true by itself, but doesn't refute it either; while there is no proof currently that would clarify this matter beyond doubt, it is not an impossibility and is even probable. If that were the case, just considering that ancient writings connect the Davidic royal house, the family of Moses and the Kohanim to the Pharaos of Egypt makes it at the very least an exceedingly interesting story.

So please keep in mind that I consider this as a tale at this moment, but at the same time that I keep an open mind and do not reject the possibility of its reality.

Construction of the 10000 year clock - Alexander Rose - What long-term thinking really is about.

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