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The presence of the Skowronek bankers in Krakow was due mainly to the expansion of the Schoenberg family in the region around the city.

There were no banking offices of the Skowronek clan in Krakow; there was no accounting firm there, nor apparently industries, and one is left wondering how a family that was expanding to seemingly every place and activity in Poland just left aside the historic capital of the country.

The two most prominent surnames of the Skowronek clan in Krakow before WWII were Schoenberg and Blat; in fact, there was a marriage among them: Khaim Schoenberg[1.242], born in 1870 married Ernestina Blat[1.243], and in order to see that this was no coincidence of similar names in another town, it is enough to see that Ernestina's mother was Süssla Fuks[1.244]; the surname Fuks is - of course - associated to both the Schoenbergs and Blats in Warsaw as well. Khaim was originally from Warsaw but lived in Kraków.

However, there were many more Schoenbergs in Krakow, and we know that they were related to those from Warsaw simply by looking at the surnames of spouses: some of them, like are found in both places, and some of them are rabbinical. For example, Gitla Lerner[1.245] was the wife of one of the Schoenbergs from Krakow, but her family name and her close ancestors can be traced back to Warsaw and her nephew Natan Lerner[1.246] was married to Frajda Szifra Halpern[1.247], which is a surname with very close associations to the Schoenbergs and Skowroneks found in the Polish capital (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony).

Ita Rozen[1.248], from the family of the same name, from Warsaw and also associated (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony) was the daughter of Cywia Lerner[1.249], from Warsaw as well.

There is also the case of Rakhel Schoenberg[1.250], who married Barukh Schiff[1.251]; both were from Krakow, and the name Schiff - which is also a banking name - is related to the Skowroneks in Warsaw: For example, the family of the wife of Józef Skowronek, CEO of one of the family banks, was from the Schiff family as well (see Józef Skowronek), and Rapaport and Hollander, two other surnames that appear linked to the Schoenbergs in Krakow, alos appear linked to Skowronek, Blat and Schoenberg in Warsaw, and the same happens with Kahane an Schmelkes, which are also rabbinical surnames and hence, known to be associated with other rabbinical surnames such as Katzenellenbogen, Rotenberg, etc. which also link to the Skowronek clan in Warsaw.

To all this we should add the testimonies left by Rivka Feferman (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony) which agian prove links between the Warsaw and Krakow Blats. So there can be no doubt about the existence of relatives of the Skowronek bankers in Krakow.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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