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Radom is found along the road between Warsaw and Kielce, so it is reasonable to expect that having the family relatives in both towns, they could also be in Radom.

We have already established that the Skowronek family of Warsaw had relatives in Kielce (see Relatives in Kielce) and considering the kind of expansion that the extended family underwent in past centuries from Warsaw and into other towns of Poland, it is plausible to find related people in the places between the towns in which we already know about their presence.

One of such cases is Radom, and after a brief analysis using the Yad Vashem database, we find that Szimon Blat, an industrialist, lived there before WWII. He was certainly the kind of person that would be expected to be related to a family of bankers, but there was no way in which we could initially relate him directly and unequivocally to the Warsaw or Kielce Blats so we began digging a little deeper, and evidence confirming the initial suspicion began to emerge in the Jewishgen database[203].

As the Jewishgen data suggests, there are many ways to link the Blat family from Radom with the branches from Warsaw, Kielce, et al. Names like Glickson, Kaminer, Kempinski, Dyamant, Lichtenstein, Gans, Alter, which are related to the Warsaw Blats also appear related to those in Radom, and there is also a series of records concerning a marriage between a Schoenberg and a member of the Rosenkranz family in Radom as well[203.2].

There is also a record from Radom which links the people named Schoenberg and Rosenkranz from there with the Szerman family, also connected directly to the Skowroneks in Lodz (see Relatives in Lodz) as well as Warsaw[203.2.10] and the Radom Blats with the surname Ferszt thorough Kipsztejn[203.2.11]; Ferszt is a related name in Warsaw as well.

Schoenberg is also a name that appears in Radom linked to the surnames Zilber, Aronson and Rozenstejn[203.3.1]; these last two family names are also linked in Warsaw. Another case is a marriage between a Schoenberg and a Gutman[203.3.2]in the same region.

There is a marriage between a person named Blat and another named Schoenberg in the Radom area[] plus, in the same town (Lipsko[203.3.3]), there is a marriage between another Schoenberg and Guterman[], and Schoenberg and Szerman[], being Szerman and Guterman surnames linked to the Skowronek family in Warsaw as well. And in Opatow[203.3.4] there are records of at least four births of babies whose surname was Schoenberg[][][][], and whose mother was Khana Eibuszic; this surname is a variant of Eibeshutz[1], another rabbinical name linked to the family in Warsaw, like in the case of the marriage between Yekhezkel Eibeschutz[1.263] and Bajla Szifra Schoenberg[1.264].

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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