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Alzey, a little German town, has been one of the starting point sin the study of the family of the Skowronek bankers.

The town of Alzey is located in Rheinland-Pfalz ad apparently out of the way of the banking business, but for the story of the Skowronek banking family it has its importance since a branch of the Schoenberg family went in the past to live there, and other families found related in Warsaw originated in Alzey too. The town has been studied by Gottheil in his account of the history of the Belmonte family which, as we saw - is Schoenberg[24].

Perhaps the most prominent son of Alzey was Aaron Schoenberg, a.k.a. August Belmont; we have written about him in a past article (see Aaron Schoenberg) and how he relates to us, so that material is more than enough to establish the link between the Warsaw family and that town in Germany (see Schoenberg.)

But another prominent name that links people from Alzey and Warsaw is Adler; this is a rabbinical family found there, in England, the U.S. and also in Poland. Samuel Adler was the rabbi of Alzey during the XIX century. The name is found linked to the Skowronek family by means of the Rozen and Kronenberg testimonies (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony) and by historical data from various sources. Indeed, genealogies indicate, for example that Rabbi Nathan Markus Adler[1.80] was married to Henrietta Worms, who was a relative of the Frankfurt Rothschild[1.255] family and a granddaughter of Hitzel Elsass[1.256], who in turn, was the daughter of Frederika Elsass[1.256], grandmother of Aaron Schoenberg.

The mother of Rabbi Nathan was Rebecca Fraenkel[1.258]; this surname, which is also rabbinical, is also related to those surnames found in Warsaw linked to the Skowronek family, such as Alter, Rotenberg, Eger and others and appears directly related to the Schoenbergs in Poland as well.

Gabriel Markus[1.259], who was one brother of the rabbi, married Khaia Bluma Katzenellenbogen[1.260]; this surname is directly linked to the Blat and Skowronek families in Warsaw, as well as several others that constitute the whole clan. Rabbi Hermann Adler[1.261] was one of the sons of Rabbi Nathan Markus Adler; he married Rachel Joseph[1.262], and this surname corresponds to one of the cadet branches of the Schoenberg family (see The Royal Josephs) that appeared as they went from Portugal to the Netherlands during the XVI century.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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